Earth Not Above


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Hælos Earth Not Above EP

Release Date : 2015-06-02

Some things come together immediately. Others… take a little time. HÆLOS – known individually as Arthur Delaney (vocals),Dom Goldsmith (vocals, keys) and Lotti Benardout (vocals) – fall into the latter bracket. But the way their music comes out sounding, you know it couldn’t have happened any other way. Each one of their vividly cinematic tracks seems to map the long journey from desperation to relief, stress to sanctuary – the basic dynamic of all urban life. If London tends to be a meandering, alienating hometown, there is a looming sense to HÆLOS’ music of a band – of three people – having eventually found each other. After working independently for a number of years, to come together and find such synergy has had a powerful, even spiritual, impact.
 Calling to mind the same deserted dawn high streets stalked by the music of Massive Attack, Portishead and the rest of those electronic artists who spent the 90s finding the pain after the rave, each track HÆLOS make sounds like a ritual; a way to cope. As Arthur describes it, “I guess at the heart of it we are always trying to capture that feeling you get at 5AM. Jamming with your friends after a night out, treading that fine line between darkness and euphoria, fear and love.”
While the music of HÆLOS bears traces of its influences, it also possesses an undeniable contemporary zeal. “Our songwriting process can be uncomfortable and sometimes painful,” say the band, “but we want to write evocative music that captures the spirit of what it means to be alive and human.” This is the story of HÆLOS – of soul under attack, coming out on top.

A1. Earth Not Above
A2. Cloud Nine
B1. Breathe
B2. Ethyr