...Like Clockwork

Queens Of The Stone Age

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- Standard Dbl LPs include the album on two 150 gram discs playing at 45rpm.

- Limited Edition Deluxe double LPs include the album on two high-quality 180 gram discs playing at 45rpm and housed in an ultra thick cover and containing a 20 page 12x12 book. 

All LP versions contain an MP3 coupon.

Queens Of The Stone Age released their Matador debut and career sixth album …Like Clockwork in June 2013, reaching the #1 spot on the Billboard 200 and receiving three Grammy award nominations.

Described by Queens principal Joshua Homme as "an audio documentary of a manic year," ... Like Clockwork is the band's first full length collection of all new material since 2007's Era Vulgaris.

  1. Keep Your Eyes Peeled
  2. I Sat By The Ocean
  3. The Vampyre of Time and Memory
  4. If I Had  A Tail
  5. My God Is The Sun
  6. Kalopsia
  7. Fairweather Friends
  8. Smooth Sailing
  9. I Appear Missing
  10. …Like Clockwork


.... Like Clockwork was produced by Joshua Homme and QOTSA, recorded by Mark Rankin with additional engineering by Justin Smith, at Josh's studio, Pink Duck, in Burbank, California.

Queens of the Stone Age are Joshua Homme, Troy Van Leeuwen, Dean Fertita and Michael Shuman