Shut Down The Streets

A.C. Newman

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A.C. Newman may best be known as the leader of The New Pornographers, but he has also made two much-loved solo albums. These show a more personal and intimate side to Carl’s songwriting, , he is joined in Woodstock, Upstate New York by long time colleague Neko Case to make one of his most gorgeous, wide-ranging records yet.


Inspired by classic ‘70s folk and pop songwriters ranging from Gerry Rafferty to “Daylight Katy”-period Gordon Lightfoot, Newman harnesses lush sonics and sweeping string and synth backgrounds that are miles away from his main band’s pulsating pop-punk. His existing audience will love it, but it will also appeal to fans of other successful modern singer-songwriters from James Mercer to Ben Gibbard to Robin Pecknold.


Unlike some of those stars, Newman continues a penchant for lyrical wit, best heard in tracks like “Encylopedia of Classic Takedowns” and the wistful “There's Money In New Wave.” The album as a whole, however, is brutally honest, open and affecting in a way Newman has rarely been in the past.



1. I’m Not Talking

2. Do Your Own Time

3. You Could Get Lost Out Here

4. Encyclopedia of Classic Takedowns

5. There’s Money In New Wave

6. Strings

7. Hostages

8. Wasted English

9. The Troubadour

10. They Should Have Shut Down The Streets